The Killers

February 16, 2009

In general, music videos bore me, but these guys have a host of compelling songs on YouTube, with soaring vocals and interesting story lines, and a dash of humor.  Check ’em out.

For Reasons Unknown
Read My Mind

Somebody Told Me


I can’t help it, I dig this rocker from Katy Perry:  Hot n Cold.  Okay, so the lyrics ain’t deep, but it’s catchy as hell and the video is comical…particularly the ending!  Power pop at it’s finest.

And what’s up with that Maid of Honor?  Is she a drag queen, or what!?

Ifn Books + Marks

November 29, 2006

This is some mighty fine promo material:  Ifn Books + Marks

Last evening I caught a couple sets of the ROCK MARATHON at Red’s Scoot Inn in east Austin. The Nay Says put on a good show. I did a little sketch of them (ignore the text…I had their moniker wrong).The Nay Says at Red's Scoot Inn The Summer Wardrobe played an excellent set of moody, evocative music — I wish I could have made out the vocals. The band is comprised of Jon Sanchez (guitar and vocals), John Leon (pedal steel guitar), George Duron (drums & percussion), and Marty Hobratschk (bass and vocals — also played previous set with The Nay Says), included Kullen Fuchs on trumpet & vibraphone, among other various and sundry instruments. I had just seen Jon and Kullen perform at Emo’s two nights previous with Future Clouds and Radar (another excellent show by an top-notch band). I could wax poetic on the music, but better than my weak descriptors, simply follow the links to their respective websites and listen to music clips.