In reality, this journey I’m on is probably not as mythic as it appears in my mind, but nonetheless I am the hero in this my personal Odyssey. (Aside:  The original Odyssey was written by one of my favorite wise men guys, Homer Simpson, in case you weren’t aware).   Mine is an internal journey, in that I’m not actually trotting across the face of the globe like Odysseus (or Meadowlark Lemon).  But nonetheless, I frequently encounter adversity and hardship in my inner travels…but also inspiration and victory.  So, it’s all good.  (To be glib and au courant.)

The Backstory:  Once upon a time not so long ago, my journey was real, in that I was actually traveling.  Yes, motorvating over land.  Full-time (like Odysseus, remember?).  For five years I lived, worked (created and sold my paintings), and moved about the United States (of ‘Merica, according to our ex-pres), dodging many-headed monsters and ignoring the blaring and seductive hip-hop of modern-day Sirens, all with a 34-foot Airstream trailer in tow (that’s 16 meters of shiny, tubular aluminium, for you civilized folk).  And, as opposed to Mr. O’s ten years of fumbling around, it only took me two years to get to Ithaca…New York, that is.  (Hmm, lessee, that would be 8760 Ithaca Hours, right?)

In 2007, I retired from life on the road and moved to Mexico to settle down and figure out what to do with my life.

Okay, I won’t lie to you, it was not just a whim or early retirement or a mid-life crisis.  Long story short:  divorce.  (‘Nuff said, right?)

Since January 2008 I’ve been on a self-imposed painting sabbatical (commercially, that is), but if you’re curious, you may view my (old) work at my web gallery,

So there, you know all the juicy stuff about me.  Isn’t that better?

Incidentally, I Smear Art is an anagram of Airstream.

I’m just sayin.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Denise Says:

    Curtis and Mimi,

    I hope you have had a safe landing while en route to Oregon (or if you are still on the road, I send you both a smooth and beautiful trip to your digs).

    I will check your website from time to time to check in on you. It was really neat to meet you guys. So awesome to see you going for something new. I wish you a wonderful journey while making a new home! Denise

  2. Curtis Long Says:

    Actually, we haven’t left Austin, yet. Thank you for the warm sentiments, nonetheless.

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