It RAINS in Portland? Nobody told us that!!

April 8, 2007

It was a lovely day in Portland, Oregon — sunny and warmish this morning and overcast and rainy this afternoon and evening. No complaints here.

We drove around to various RV parks in the eastern half of the city yesterday, searching for someplace close-in to use as a base while we search for an apartment to rent. Not that we mind the park where we’re staying — it’s very clean and well-kept, well-outfitted, and the staffers are pleasant. Unfortunately, it’s over 13 miles from city center (that’s a 45-minute bus ride) making it difficult to participate in things. Still, it’s not a bad home-base for a month or two…particular after what we saw of the other RV parks we toured. Some were downright scary. Now we know why this place we’re in requires that applicants be screened for criminal record before being eligible for long-term sites. We shortlisted two of the parks we visited — now we must decide if we want to hassle with hitching up and moving there.

I do have one question, after visiting most these Portland RV parks: Where the heck are all the Airstreams?!? And Avions? It’s weird — as if they’ve been banned within city limits or something.

Today was spent driving various neighborhoods that have apartments for rent. I found 25+ units on Craigslist but didn’t want to contact the lessors until I had an idea of the neighborhoods. I have to say, it looks promising. After living in a 250 square foot aluminum tube for five years, a studio or 1 BR apartment sounds positively Taj Mahalish! And the locations are very central and urban — way more so than anything with RV hook-ups.

Looks like we may be kissing Laluna goodbye one day soon.


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