Dead Birds in Texas and Pandemic Bird Flu Cover Up

January 21, 2007

This Newsvine article is an interesting piece.  Whether or not it’s relevant to the 63 dead birds found in Austin last week is not the point — the cover-up is the point.


One Response to “Dead Birds in Texas and Pandemic Bird Flu Cover Up”

  1. Curtis Long Says:

    The more I think about this, the more it seems apparent that the credibility of the official statement is tarnished by the fact that there were three species of birds among the 63 dead: sparrows, grackles, and pigeons. It is barely conceivable that dozens of one species would be simultaneously afflicted by a parasite and a “10 degree temperature drop,” particularly when one considers that it is not uncommon to experience a 20 and 30F temperature drop in less than 24 hours when a cold front moves through Austin, which has happened numerous times this winter. Consider, also, that the average January high/low temperatures in Austin are 60F/40F, so those birds experienced a 20-degree temperature drop every evening.

    To suggest that THREE species of birds (of very different sizes and lifestyles) had a simultaneous reaction to said parasite and temperature drop pushes the explanation beyond credibility.

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