The MLK Day Ice Storm: Part 2 – Passing the Time

January 17, 2007

1/16/2007 12:31 PM (Belated posting.)

Being “trapped” at home is always kind of fun, as long as one has the basic comforts: heat, light, food, drink, and shelter. (It would suck to be homeless on a day like today.) I’m taking advantage of this down time by sorting through my several boxes of photos, scrap books, and other memorabilia that I’ve dragged from closet to attic to storage unit over the years. Our goal for this move is to depart Austin with nothing in storage, which means if it won’t fit in Laluna or Squeaker, it has to be eliminated. Our trailer is pretty much packed with things we need to live (like four seasons of clothing) and the van will be full of things necessary for my art business, leaving little room for “unnecessaries” like guitars and photos and scrap books. So I must pare down these things before the move.

I have strong pack rat tendencies (inherited from my grandmother, I’m sure, who left behind a house full of “stuff” when she died…like a closet chock full of unopened packages of bed sheets), and I have to work hard to keep from accumulating layers of personal detritus. And even though I’m aware of my tendencies, stuff still accumulates. So, this process feels really good – it’s liberating to let go of one’s possessions voluntarily. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, but like pruning a tree in season, I know it will be good for me.

Making this task more pleasurable is the fact that I don’t have to be anywhere right now — in fact, it’s better if I stay right here. And we’ve got a few movies from Waterloo Video, so I can watch groovy flicks while reading letters from old girlfriends or deciding which pictures to keep from a camp-out in the Ozarks 22 years ago.


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