Wildlife in the Pecan Grove

November 26, 2006

Yesterday morning, I was awakened just after 5 AM by two barred owls hooting it up immediately outside Laluna, my Airstream trailer. They sounded almost like they were laughing together (not to put too fine an anthropomorphic point on it). A better way to describe their sound would be that of a couple chimpanzees, gleeful about some newly discovered food supply. Barred owls have many different vocalizations, so it’s hard to know what they were doing exactly. M and I spotted a pair in Pecan Grove last winter, so maybe it’s the same couple going through mating rituals. Once one becomes accustomed to their primary call — Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all? — you begin to recognize their other calls just by the resonance of their voices. They have amazing lungs…


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