KOOP Radio Benefit at Red’s Scoot Inn

November 12, 2006

Last evening I caught a couple sets of the ROCK MARATHON at Red’s Scoot Inn in east Austin. The Nay Says put on a good show. I did a little sketch of them (ignore the text…I had their moniker wrong).The Nay Says at Red's Scoot Inn The Summer Wardrobe played an excellent set of moody, evocative music — I wish I could have made out the vocals. The band is comprised of Jon Sanchez (guitar and vocals), John Leon (pedal steel guitar), George Duron (drums & percussion), and Marty Hobratschk (bass and vocals — also played previous set with The Nay Says), included Kullen Fuchs on trumpet & vibraphone, among other various and sundry instruments. I had just seen Jon and Kullen perform at Emo’s two nights previous with Future Clouds and Radar (another excellent show by an top-notch band). I could wax poetic on the music, but better than my weak descriptors, simply follow the links to their respective websites and listen to music clips.


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